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An assistant for the English classes

mercredi 4 novembre 2020, par Isabelle Nalet

Les 3°5 vous présentent Donal... l’ assistant qui va travailler avec les classes et les professeurs d’anglais du collège cette année

His name is Donal Armstrong, He is 32 years old and he was born on May 18th. He is Irish.

Donal’s brothers’ names are Conor and Daragh. Conor is a policeman and Daragh is a musician. His father, Terry, sells shoes on the market and his mom, Laura is a secretary.
He doesn’t have pets, but before, he had a fish

He loves seafood. He likes writing screenplays, running and sometimes playing football. He listens to Jazz, blues, rap and Irish music. His favourite subject at school was history.

Donal is outgoing, polite and easy -going . He is sometimes lazy and impatient. His ambition is to write screenplays in the future.
It is isn’t his first time in France.

Texte des 3°5

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